Why Agile is dying?

In 2001 a group of people gather to talk about common sense and how to apply it to the software industry. The output of this meeting was the Agile Manifesto.

The Agile Event
Agile Event

New ways of working start appearing based on this Agile manifesto. And everyone was learning them, even getting certifications in order to prove others that they know them, even if they didn’t truly understand them or even believing that the status quo of project management may need a review.

At one point a few early adopters start applying them and have some results, some were good, some were… a learning experience. Some successful cases were published, these were done in a context where an Agile mindset was crucial to succeed.

Everybody was talking about it even some companies start applying these new methods to their products and services. But only some of these companies really understand why this new way of working can help them.

Spoiler Alert
Spoiler Alert !

SPOILER ALERT, Agile doesn’t solve all the business problems. These companies thought that they bought the miracle solution to all their problems.

Is like buying the gym subscription, the protein, the sweatpants… and continue doing the same thing you do but expect you will get a Herculean body.

Some consulting firms, did and still doing publicity about agile an how easy is to change everything… just some trainings with Lego and fun seminars will be necessary. After that everyone will be Agile… I almost forgot to mention the ply of PowerPoint presentations that the junior consultants will send to everybody.

Then they measure the people in a good old fashion way (Taylor way, as they were machines) to know if they are Agile or not, and God help them if they are tagged as not been Agile. Example: if you don’t work as the other teams then the team is not agile, even if the context of the team is different.

Agile is not bad… is the execution that can be very bad. People can get bullied… even some can go on a burnout.

Everything is fine
Everything is fine


Methods are good they help organisations to get thing working smoothly… but methods also need continuous improvement.

Take time to plan the Agile deployment, use change management strategies, the changes will be done by the people for the people, we are not talking about machines. And please hear the teams that are making the transition to Agile, change some things if necessary.

The idea about Agile is to solve problems not to create new ones. And remember the Agile Manifesto is based in just common sense, but the common sense is, the less common of all the senses.

Feel free to send me your feedback and thoughts ^^

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