Software Development Wastes

Waste, waste, waste… why we keep wasting resources?

One reason could be because we don’t know them. We spend our time just doing and never invest time on identifying the wastes.

At the end we accumulate wastes all other our team organization, the wastes slow down the team or even block it.

Like Bob, when he is breathing he is wasting the oxigen of the planet, nothing personal just an observation…

The point is we need to improve the way we work, a good way is to reduce and if it is possible eliminate the wastes.

This Image will help you identifying the most current wastes on the software development :


Software Development Wastes

Image in 4k… haters will say is not 4K resolution

Some wastes can be eliminated in a easy way, like Bob… But we can work to reduce them to the minimum.


During the team retrospective, you can identify the wastes and take actions to reduce them.

For you, what are the frequently wastes you find on teams? Did you identify other wastes?

Leave your comments…



How to help people during a company transformation?

Let’s focus about people accepting changes in the workplace,  any kind of change.

Honestly, not a lot of people will take the risk and do a change without knowing more about what will be the consequences.

And those who do it, usually are called by different ways: visionaries, entrepreneurs, game changers… but also fouls, crazy, kamikaze, Bob the guy of IT that think he can use lemon juice instead deodorant…

Back to our subject… t’s hard to find people who are ready to change without knowing all consequences. A big majority will accept to do a change, a main issue is to well communicate it.

Some examples:

  • Explain where we want to go and where did we came from
  • Clarify all the questions.
  • Explain the benefits and impacts of the change.

Without a good understanding, doubts appeared, doubts brings fear, fear brings rage and at this point anyone can get “blocked”.

A blocked person will no more be willing to heard about the subject with an open mind.

Spoiler alert: Some people get blocked more quickly than others.

Even if the change helps them, their ears got block with their intern voices of rage and fear. Isn’t it, Bob?

There are several ways to unblock them.

  • Training : A good way to prepare a small group of people
  • Serious games :A fun way to teach
  • Coaching : face to face communication
  • Webinars, Meet-ups and/or Seminars : Target a large group of people
  • SharePoints with a bunch of documents : Please organize them, so it will be easy to find the information. And give files tags to find them with the search bar),
  • FAQ : Publish the frequented asked questions with their answers
  • Feedbacks : Invite people to share their experience about the changes with others,
  • Or the orange clockwork way.

This method, I will explain it in another post… or you can see the movie. This method is not recommended to be use on sensible people and risk to get you in jail so be cautious. That’s why we are crowdfunding to pay Bob a trip to a country where we can apply on him the last method. #BobUseDeodorant

Amazingly in a way companies transformations are done in this way. I mean the change is imposed and it’s expected that everything will be fine.


Try to invest more time communicating (you can apply marketing basics) and create a complete communication strategy. In my experience, this will brings a better result. And having patience also help.

Do you think a communication strategy can help people better accept a change in the workplace?

What are the other tools that you use to communicate?

Leave your comments.